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If you want to make money while you’re travelling, you’re in the right place…

Earn commission

While you travel!

With The Wolfpack it’s simpler than it sounds…

Imagine a side hustle so chilled you can sell tours from your campervan while you’re discovering new lands, or while you’re floating around in your hostel pool, or even while you’re on that long cross-country bus journey!  The Wolfpack welcomes everyone so whether you will be on the move constantly or staying put somewhere for a while there are opportunities everywhere.

Not only will you be able to work remotely while travelling, but you’ll also receive a commission on your own tours which you’ll be able to book at ultra-low prices. You will essentially be a remote travel agent running your own little business with constant support from us in the background.

If this sounds like your kind of ‘hustle’, then come and join The Wolfpack today!