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We get loads of questions and are always happy to answer them, if you can’t find what you’re looking for below then feel free to contact us in whichever way is easiest for you.

You can always contact us by email on [email protected] or by phone from abroad on +61416912477 or in Australia 0416912477, by WhatsApp on the same number, through our Facebook or Instagram pages, or through the live chat on our website.

YES WE DO! Lots of our trips offer live availability so you are just a few clicks away from making your booking. If you come across a product which doesn’t offer live availability or you want more information we recommend contacting us by any of the means mentioned above.

New Wolf Travel recommends purchasing a travel/accident policy. Travel insurance, much like any other type of insurance, covers an agreed-upon set of circumstances as set forth in the insurance contract. It is never a bad idea to protect a carefully-planned trip with coverage for delays, illness, lost luggage, and even natural disasters—the best travel insurance can soften the impact of unforeseen events. Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended and facilitates peace of mind before and during your trip. This article can help you research the industry and find the right travel insurance provider.

We cater for all ages from the wise old nomads to families and couples but our main focus is the eighteen to the thirty-something adventure traveller. Whatever you are looking for we are always interested in helping make it happen.

The vouchers you receive for your trips will all have instructions regarding this. In some cases, you may need to reconfirm, in others it’s not necessary.

For 1-3 day trips in most cases, you will be restricted to a smaller bag around 7kg. With the longer trips, travelling across the country, luggage limits will vary but if you keep it under 20kg you are generally ok. If you have over 20kg it would be best to check with us before travelling.

In some cases this is possible, we try to be as flexible as we can for situations like this and we will always try and accommodate our Wolfpack where possible. However, if you are looking to do something like this within 14 days of travel it usually becomes very difficult and there will always be fees. Ask us and we will do our best to help.

Yes, open dated vouchers are available for most of our trips and packages. When you want to set a date you just need to follow the instructions on the voucher or get back in touch with us. Most open dated tickets will need to be booked at least 10-14 days in advance.

We are happy to transfer open dated vouchers to different products and you will only be charged $20 for this. Refunds on open dated vouchers will incur a 50% fee.

All travel vouchers are valid for 12 months form date of purchase.

Local fees are applied to certain tours for things like reef tax or levies which must be paid directly to the tour operator on the day of travel. All of these compulsory fees are clearly marked on our products so you will know when they are going to be required.


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